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A Good Get-Away

We didn’t see much color in the trees, but we saw some gorgeous skies, two lovely sunsets and stars, oh my… we miss seeing stars like that all the time.

It was a good get-away- just right in fact. A day of rest and a day of work. And a productive day of work at that. Something about being in a still, calm, beautiful place brought me the inspiration and focus I needed. I got my three theses for my Bonhoeffer seminar written and took notes about the rationale with which I’ll defend them. And I read all of the background material I had with me for my Friday paper.

I downloaded several albums on Saturday with an iTunes gift card Kev gave me for my birthday, one of which was a c.d. of Bach cello sonatas as played by Yo Yo Ma. I listened to that softly as I sat on a screen porch and read this afternoon. Yo Yo Ma was accompanied by crickets, birds, and breezes. Ah… I need to study this way more often.

The world looks different tonight than it did Friday night. And I thank God for that.


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