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I had a goal of having my paper drafted by 6 or 6:30 at the latest so that I could grab a bite to eat with my hubby when he got off work and then we could to a lecture on campus on “Faith and the American Presidency: From John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush”. My progress throughout the day felt slow as molasses, but… at 6:29 I typed the last word of my conclusion in my draft. And I grabbed a bite to eat and caught the lecture.

The plan now is to get up early and trim a page off of it and proof and clean it up. Technically, I think, it is not due until noon tomorrow. But if I can have it done by the time I go to class at 9 a.m., and then after class can come home and crash… I think that would be pretty sweet. I have a fair bit of work to do for my Bonhoeffer class on Monday, but… Kev has to work all day on Saturday so I might as well do that work then and rest tomorrow after the push to get this paper done this week.

I’ve been fighting some sort of a bug this week and good long nap tomorrow sounds like just what the body needs.

O.K., and I just have to say that my husband rocks. I shared with him that I had one citation dilemma for this paper, a page cite I didn’t have access to because of the form in which I had accessed the material originally. “What is the book?” he asked. “The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James”. He jumped up from his desk, found a box in a closet, and found the book. “How much do you love me?” He asked. “A lot,” I replied and gave him a kiss. And the book was even bookmarked at the lecture from which I need the cite. Wow.


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