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mid-week update

Well… it is Wednesday, November 12th.  I want to be done with my finals by Saturday, November 22nd.  That leaves me 10 days, or really 9 as I intend for Sunday to be sabbath (and really it needs to be- two church services, company in town, and our shower!)  So how’s it going????  Actually I think it is going pretty well.  

I budgeted yesterday and today to figure out where I was headed with the paper for my Friday class.  As of Monday I had NO clue about that paper.  I figured, since with the other two classes day one of trying to get my head around a paper was sheer frustration, that I wouldn’t expect much out of day one on this paper.  If I ended the day yesterday still in a fog- so be it.  That’s what today would be for.  But… I ended yesterday with a solid idea for my Friday paper and a much clearer sense of what was being asked of me.  I started today by sending my idea thus far to my prof to make sure I’m not nutso, but that I can make this work.  If he gives me the stamp of approval on what I’ve done thus far (or only suggests minor changes in course), I’m going to set this one aside and work diligently on actually writing my Bonhoeffer paper.  

While I wait for my prof to write back about my Friday paper status I’m going to do some of the additional reading/research/translating I need to do for my Bonhoeffer paper and perhaps read another article that has been recommended for my Thursday paper.  I will also likely read a bit for my Thursday and Friday classes this week (if time allows) and do my required on-line post for my Thursday class.  Hopefully after class tomorrow morning I can start drafting my Bonhoeffer paper.  I have a doctor’s appt at 2 and a colloquy meeting at 6, but that should allow a few bursts of writing, to get me started at least.  And then, after class on Friday I can put in another several hours of writing (I have another colloquy to attend from 3-5) but if I write from the time class gets out (11) until 3, that’s a solid chunk of time.  I might even take a Eucharist break in there.  And I can give it even more time on Saturday (because my guests are aware I have to work while they are here.   With that plan, I think it is safe to say I can have my Bonhoeffer paper drafted by Saturday afternoon.  

Then Sabbath rest.

Monday-Wednesday (save class time on Monday), I’ll work on writing my Thursday paper.  If I can change gears to my Friday paper on Wednesday afternoon that will be for the good.  

Thursday-Saturday I will draft my Friday paper.  

I’ve been invited to an open-house party on Saturday afternoon the 22nd.  So, that’s my target finish time.  

If I am TRULY blessed I will have time for editing and revising all these papers as I go, but… we’ll see… I really want to be done done on the 22nd.  Though I suppose if I am doing final clean-ups the morning of the 24th that wouldn’t be the end of the world.  No, not the end of the world, but… blech.  I want to be done done.  

I intend to get up every hour or so to walk about stretch, what have you.  

I intend to take naps when I need them.  

I intend to continue to sing in church choir(s).  

And I intend to not work late into the night.  

So, it is 9 a.m. now, I have nine days to go, three papers to write.  It will get done, right?


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I set a goal at the beginning of the semester that I would finish my coursework by Thanksgiving (or really the weekend before Thanksgiving) in order to give myself a two week cushion before my due date.  That now leaves me, two weeks.  I have three big papers to write in two weeks.  I have a good sense with where I’m going for one of them, the biggest of them, and got approval of it yesterday.  The time I spent focusing on that last week really paid off.  I still have more research to do, but I’m in pretty good shape for that one.  So I’m putting that on hold.  Yesterday I had a frustrating afternoon of trying to get in the groove for one of the other two remaining papers.  I just made little progress, moved very slowly, struggled to focus.  But then I remembered that day one of digging in on my Bonhoeffer paper was the same… so decided to give myself a break and devote myself to a full day of the same task today… and I’m hoping by the end of the day I will have made real progress.  

I woke up resolved to read minimally for classes this week and not at all for classes next week.  This week I will spend my Saturday getting my head around my Thursday paper.  And then on Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll spend my time getting my head around my Friday paper.  And I’ll read a little bit on Monday morning for Bonhoeffer, and a little bit on Wednesday for my Thursday and Friday classes this week.  But starting Thursday afternoon the writing needs to begin and needs to continue for the next week straight.  

Unfortunately I have also been called upon, as of yesterday, to do some substantial editing of two chapters for a book one of my profs is working on.  I’m going to have to find at least an hour of every study day to work on this, I think.  But I’m not going to start that until Monday.  

I can do this, right?  Please say it is possible.  And please say a prayer that my focus and energy cooperate… I am increasingly uncomfortable (physically) and really just want to get ready for baby… but this is a big part of readying for baby… I need to keep telling myself that.  If these papers are hanging over me when baby comes that will be a big drag.  

Writing this all out in the hopes it will hold me accountable… alright… let’s get some breakfast and begin this two week race… so grateful for your prayers and support.

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