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6 the number of days until I have class again (thanks to the American Academy of Religion)

23 the number of days until my sister arrives to help us prepare for birth, birth, and adjust to parenthood

25 the number of days until wonderful guests arrive for Thanksgiving and to help us ready our home in whatever ways it needs to be readied AND until I had HOPED to finish all my papers for this semester

34 the number of days until this baby is due (gulp!)

1 the number of occasional assignments left for the semester- work for which has begun.

too many the number of pages I ought to read before the end of the semester

3 the number of BIG papers to be written in, what was that again (25 days?!)

so much the number of things I want to get done before the baby comes



So, friends, with six days before my next class (in which I will present for my final occasional assignment of the semester) I woke up to a chaotic house begging to be ordered, but to a stack of books gathered over a month ago to help me with my final Bonhoeffer paper, one of which is in French, and due next week, and needs to be translated… And I’m torn between cleaning and studying.  If I’m going to stay here, I’ll need to clean.  So I guess I should get myself together and go somewhere else to study?  Eh?  

Why is it that when I actually have time to get something accomplished I feel far less capable of getting anything accomplished?  

Look at the numbers Sarah, you don’t have much time.


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